Adventures in the 'Verse


A tragic display of chaos erupted only minutes ago at the well known gentleman’s club, the Emperor Club. On the scene is Eva Johnson with more details. Eva?

John, what happened here tonight was a needless act of violence. Details are still somewhat muddled and contradicting, but we are able to confirm that Chang Chen has been killed by an unknown suspect. Reports indicate that he was throwing a party at the Emperor to celebrate the premiere of his latest film, Monsters and Other Foolish Things, but things turned ugly when a long haired man pulled a pistol and fired at Chang. Witnesses say that Chang was on stage with a band at the time of the shooting. Reports indicate that the man who shot Chang was not the only one with the gun; there were apparently several others that actually fired upon the crowd, including the band Chang was with. It’s believed that there are up to 50 casualties, with several more injured. We are doing our best to compile a list of dead, stay tuned to keep informed.

We’re back with more details on the tragic violence that took place at the Emperor Club tonight. Federal marshals have arrived, cleared the building, and have retrieved the bodies of the deceased. We will now announce the list of the dead:

Chang Chen, director
Michael Lyons, professional hoverbike racer
Joseph Perkins, bartender
Noah White, actor
Alysin Adkins, adult film star
Ringo Starr, musician
Chow Ta, director
Rusty Taylor, musician
Logan Echolls, adult film star
Olivia Lee, companion
William van Agthoven, actor
Kimberly Phelps, exotic dancer
Claire Rivera, actress
Damon Rhodes, professional basketball player
Leo Harris, musician
Robyn Kubota, exotic dancer
Tomas Bass, DJ
Tony Lambert, director
Cassie Parks, actress
Justin Foster, bartender
Annabelle Cruz, companion
Tami Fisher, exotic dancer
Laura Robbins, bartender
Marcos Beck, talk show host
Harry Rowe, actor
Constance Silva, actress
Carole Cobb, director
Angelina Caldwell, journalist
Katherine Alvarado, exotic dancer
Marcel Underwood, adult film star
Jimmy Moreno, professional gambler
Naomi Page, actress
Jack Thomas, millionaire
Maurice Sims, musician
Diane Dawson, camerawoman
Leona Burke, film agent
Myra Ming, adult film star
Angel Graves, musician

We also have reports of a man who introduced himself as Harry Georgia-Xio bravely diving in front of hail of bullets, potentially saving dozens of lives. For unknown reasons, his body has not been recovered yet.

It is unknown why such senseless violence occurred tonight, but several rumors are flying around. Please remember that none of these have been confirmed, but the shootings have been linked to a Tong assassination or possibly a terrorist attack. It is more likely, however, simply a deranged group of fans who decided that murdering their favourite director was a good way to show their love.

We’ll have more on that story tonight, as well as new information that has come to light about the David Jones bombing case.



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