Gonghe is considered the entertainment hub of the Chinese worlds. Whereas Sihnon is unrivaled for its natural beauty, Gonghe is known for man-made elegance. First-time visitors are generally awe-struck when seeing Gonghe’s capital, Gongbuei, from the air for the first time.
Majestic theater complexes, graceful studio towers and vibrant hillside holo-promos epitomize modern architectural genuis.

A rigid, intolerant Commission runs the city.

All new buildings in the major cities must comply with the Commision’s meticulous standard of Eastern aesthetics and feng shui. Every design must blend harmoniously with all existing structures to form one congruous, gigantic work of art.

Gonghe was originally intended to be a chief Chinese agricultural world, to take full advantage of its fertile environment and temperate climate.

But when the Chinese-owned Ruby Phoenix Multimedia was looking for a place to film another of its blockbuster new series, they chose Gonghe for its rustic beauty and inexpensive labor. Hu Dieh Yin became one of the most popular (and profitable) dramas of all time. Other studios came to Gonghe to try to cash in and, as their margins continued to stay healthily in black, they drove the world’s economy in a totally unforeseen direction.

Patches of rice paddies and pastures still exist on Gonghe, though farming has unquestionably become a distant also-ran to the booming entertainment industry. Currently fifty-five percent of the populace either works for or help support the major studios. Gonghe’s diverse terrain provides the production companies with the perfect backdrop for almost any scene without going off-planet. Underneath the glitz and glamour, the local flavor is strongly Hokkien, a modernized rural culture better associated with Taiwan on Earth-That-Was. Thus, the Minnan dialect is almost as prevalently spoken as Chinese and English, to the extent of approaching tradespeak status among insiders.

Naturally, Gonghe attracts prospective starlets and anyone with show biz aspirations. There’s no shortage of the star-struck wandering the big cities, seeking to meet the big media celebrities and producers as dreams of stardom shine in their eyes. Who knows? A future celebrity might even wait on your table tonight.

Gonghe is also famous for holding the grandest, most lavish Chinese New Year celebrations in the ‘Verse. Metropolises such as Gongbuei, Suhduong, or even Lo Mi Ta on the Xing Yun moon spare no expense in staging amazing parades, fireworks, star-studded operas, sumptuous street fairs and festive block parties (often hiring off-world talent for the occasion).
All this plus the mega-parties the entertainment conglomerates throw, featuring their star performers, makes up for one shiny weeklong shindig.




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