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  • Reaver Madness

    This band was formed by [[:harry | Harry]] and his friends, [[:lenin-johnson | Lenin]], [[:marty-mcpaulsen | Marty]], and [[:ringo-starr | Ringo]]. He chose the name after imagining that he saw a trailer for a movie titled Reaver Madness. They have …

  • Marty McPaulsen

    Marty is a member of Reaver Madness, and is one of the more grounded members of the band. He's still kind of douchey, but he's only drunk or high off his ass half the time. He still loves sex just as much of his bandmates though.

  • Lenin Johnson

    Lenin is a member of Reaver Madness, and is quite an unfriendly fellow if he does not have access to cocaine. He is rumored to owe quite a bit of money to gangsters on various planets.

  • Ringo Starr

    Ringo is the drummer for Reaver Madness. He's very cocky, but will back down if someone stands up to him. He rides a dirt bike on stage during some of his shows. Ringo was killed by sub-machine gun fire while playing a show in the Emperor Club on …

  • Harlon “Harry” Georgia-Xio

    “Hello my name is Dirty Harry, I'm fucking legendary, My penis is very very big” - lyric from “underage girls love me” By Reaver Madness The man, the myth, the legend everyone was too drunk to remember. The front man for the band “Reaver Madness”, …