Adventures in the 'Verse

Session I

Following the incident where Captain Beth and First Mate Erin were inflicted with Maynard’s Lay after being bitten by cows, the crew of the Jolly Roger traveled to Persephone in search of a well paying job. They touched down and all the crew members went in different directions, looking for different things. Dr. Julian acquired some rodent test subjects at a pet store, while Skippy went off on his own somewhere. Meanwhile, Roland searched the docks for a job, while Andi went to the nearest bar, the Rat’s Fist.

While in the Rat’s Fist, Andi was seduced by Lenin Johnson, a member of the mostly unknown band, Reaver Madness. The two went out to the back alley to make love, and were soon joined by Lenin’s other bandmates, Marty McPaulsen, Ringo Starr, and Harry Georges. This attracted a small crowd, who enjoyed the spectacle, and Dr. Julian decided to join in when he passed by. It was soon put to a stop by Roland, who had heard what was going on from inside the Rat’s Fist, where he had been looking for a job.

Eventually, Marty asked Roland to fly Reaver Madness to Gonghe for their next show, and he accepted. The other crew members collected a few items they needed while they were planetside, and after loading up the ship, including 4 crates from a merchant named Leonard Bay, they took off.

While en route, Dr. Julian had Andi fix a CD player he bought from an antique dealer. Andi then went to work on making Harry’s dirtbike able to be driven underwater, a task which she surprisingly completed after 7 hours of grueling work.

Session II

Andi realized she had done something wrong when she was fixing up the dirtbike, so she went to work on that. Meanwhile, Julian decided to show off his culinary prowess by cooking up some meatloaf to impress Skippy and the rest of the crew. He did an adequate job, and got permission to open a small bar on the ship. Lenin confronted him about chloroforming him on Persephone, but did not attack him.

Later, Marty got a wave from his old friend Stevie Hawk, who told them that a record producer wanted to sign them to a label. They bought a round of shots to celebrate. The crew landed at the Suhduong docks, and each left the ship, with Reaver Madness and Julian going to Fuk Yu to meet with Stevie, and Roland and Skippy going to unload the cargo that Leonard gave them.

The meeting at Fuk Yu went badly, with a tong enforcer named Hanako kidnapping the band. When they left, Julian abducted Stevie and brought him back to the ship to interrogate. Meanwhile, Roland and Skippy looked for work around the docks, being directed to a guy named Larry who hung out at The Pourhouse after inquiring at a warehouse. They headed there.

Meanwhile, Julian left Stevie in the capable hands of Andi, who went to work mentally torturing him. Julian went to the Pourhouse, but when he saw Roland and Skippy there, he went to another bar, where he was turned away. He finally ended up at a bar called Kidd’s Exchange, where he managed to secure a job from a shady fellow.

Andi, who had gotten the location of Reaver Madness from Stevie, headed to Someplace Else. She scoped out the bar, and ended up taking the bartender to the bathroom and using her talents to find out that there was a hidden panel that lead to the location of Reaver Madness. She returned to the ship.

Roland and Skippy were asked to rob a pharmaceutical factory on Angel, but their price was a bit too high for Larry to immediately accept, and he told them that he would send them a wave after thinking it over. They headed back to the ship, where they encountered a tied up Stevie. He lied to them, but Roland saw through his lies and demanded the truth. He was told to go to Someplace Else. He and Skippy equipped themselves and prepared to leave, running into Andi on the way. She told them about the hidden panel, and went with them.

At Someplace Else, after Lenin had been beaten, and ransom photos had been taken, Reaver Madness annoyed Hanako and his goons by being obnoxiously and singing some of their songs. Harry even provoked one of the guards into striking him, and then leaving the room in anger.

Roland, Skippy, and Andi arrived, and came up with a plan. Roland opened the hidden panel while Skippy and Andi stood guard. He shot the one remaining guard in the head, which made Hanako and 2 of his goons come running. Andi faked being drunk and tipped off Roland about how many of them there were, so Roland and Skippy were able to kill them easily. While Andi freed the band, Skippy and Roland looted the bar quickly before the feds showed up.

Session III

After robbing Someplace Else, the group returned to their ship, before Roland and Ringo returned to Fuk Yu to retrieve Ringo’s bike. Meanwhile, Larry sent a wave to the ship, where it was received by Harry. Larry told them that another ship had made a better offer for the job on Angel, and that Roland should send him a wave when he got back.

Meanwhile, Julian Parker fixed up Lenin’s wounds, and made sure that Stevie wasn’t going anywhere. Andi purchased some parts to fix up the ship, and began working. Skippy also took Erin and Beth to a clinic where they would stay until they recovered from their illnesses. When Roland got back to the ship, he, Julian, Skippy, and Harry sent a wave to Larry in an attempt to negotiate the payment for the job on Angel. After some discussion, the crew came to the conclusion that Marcus was the other ship interested in doing the job, and that it was a better idea to set Marcus up to get arrested by the Alliance. They told Larry that they weren’t interested in doing the job anymore, and hung up.

It was then decided that Harry should be the one to report their knowledge of Marcus going to commit the crime, and he went to a public Cortex terminal to send the Alliance a message. He sent a wave to the Gonghe Alliance informing them that Marcus Adams of the Phoenix was intent on robbing the Blue Sun Pharmaceutical factory on Angel, and suggested that they catch him in the act. He also told them that Erin and Beth were in a clinic in Suhduong, if that interested them. Upon returning to the ship, he paid Skippy a large amount of credits to change the name of the ship to Reaver Madness Tour Bus.

Before going to bed, Roland locked the ship so that no Lu-Tsung members would be getting in. At midnight however, Julian met his contact outside, and received a chest with 1250 platinum pieces in it. Marty and Ringo helped Julian load the 20 locked crates into the cargo bay, and his contact told him that the crates were to be delivered within 8 days, and that they were not to be opened. Julian demanded that he be paid the extra 500 credits he was promised, but his contact told him that he would get it when the job was finished. Julian wisely decided not to start a fight, and locked up the ship before heading to bed.

In the morning, Roland inquired as to why there were 20 crates in the cargo bay, and Julian told him. Despite Stevie offering Reaver Madness a gig at Fuk Yu, the crew and band decided to take off for Bellerophon immediately, not even giving Stevie the opportunity to get off. As they started on their journey, Harry finally decided to sleep for 3 days.

While Andi fixed up the ship, Skippy flew the ship, and Reaver Madness drank themselves into oblivion, Roland did some online shopping and Julian did some experimentation on the darts he had taken from Hanako. Upon injecting Stevie with one of them, he died of “mysterious causes”. Julian threw him out the airlock.

At some point, Roland and Julian became aware that Skippy had filed papers to change the name of the ship, so they took him to a shuttle to interrogate him. He revealed that most of the money went to pay off debts he owed, and Roland intimidated him into giving up his next share of the crew’s pay. Unfortunately, during the interrogation, the ship ran into a field of debris, which caused some minor damage to the ship. They quickly released Skippy to pilot them out of the debris, which he did. Roland and Julian then went to bed.

Not much happened until day 4 of the trip, except for when the man living at the address on Bellerophon was contacted, and seemed kind of clueless about the whole shipment. Harry woke up, and after a scan of nearby space, he discovered an uninhabited moon that was undergoing terraforming. Shortly thereafter, they saw an explosion in the distance, and moved in to investigate. They discovered that the Cortex was being jammed, but they were able to get a staticky wave from the captain of the Black Star, a cruise liner that had experienced an explosion that was forcing them to evacuate the ship. The captain said there would be a reward for every survivor the crew saved, and Harry took the ship in to dock with the liner. Upon opening the bay doors, they discovered 67 people ready to board their ship.

While they loaded the survivors into the ship, Andi did her best to jury rig the life support system to accommodate so many people. Roland sent some people to the shuttles to use their life support instead. Julian wanted to go rescue more people on board the Black Star, but everyone else talked him into just leaving. They pulled away just in time, as the liner exploded.

Harry plotted a course to the moon, a 4 hour journey, then left Skippy in charge of the ship while he and the other members of Reaver Madness played a show for the survivors. Unfortunately, their wild antics practically caused a riot, with 9 people dying, mostly from being trampled. Julian took them all to the laboratory, where he rifled through their pockets. Roland and Julian managed to stop the Reaver Madness concert, and calmed down the crowd, and they reached the moon without further incident. The atmosphere was rough, due to the terraforming equipment, but Harry managed to land safely, after which the crew let all the survivors out.

Session IV

On the uninhabited moon, the crew discussed what the best course of action would be. They agreed that they didn’t want to be late delivering their cargo, so they decided to leave the majority of the passengers on the moon for the Alliance to pick up later. In the meantime, Vayne, one of the crew members of the Black Star, asked to join the crew of Reaver Madness Tour Bus, and was hired by Skippy.

Using a lottery system, the crew was able to select 30 passengers to accompany them to Santo, where they would drop them off to the Alliance. The ones who were forced to stay on the moon until someone else came were not happy, but the crew ensured they had at least some water and food.

The trip to Santo went by with no issues, though Vayne discovered that the ship that had been jamming the Cortex signal had likely gone to the moon, and soon the crew had dropped off the passengers. The Alliance official they spoke to told Roland that he would be in contact as soon as a full investigation was completed, and that there may be payment involved.

Likewise, the trip to Bellerophon went smoothly. Roland, Skippy, and Andi unloaded the cargo into David Jone’s garage at the insistence of his butler, while the others took a shuttle to the main shopping hub. Vayne, and later Julian, discovered that there was someone looking to have a group of 6 people killed, and that those 6 people were the members of Reaver Madness, as well as Skippy and Andi. Roland was meant to be brought in alive. After buying a bunch of stuff and returning to the ship, there was a large explosion from the direction of David Jones’ mansion. Vayne and Julian were the only two that heard it, but they ran to tell Skippy to take off immediately because there were bounty hunters looking for them. Skippy did so, and Julian told Roland the same story.

They started making plans for their meeting with the bounty hunters, since Julian had pretended to accept the job. These plans involve anaesthetic tanks being blown up via transmitter.

Session V & VI

Rather than risk death by fighting the Lu Tsung tong head on, Roland decided to try to get in contact with the leader. After sending a few waves, he eventually got the contact information of Wu, the head of the Gonge branch of the Lu Tsung. Wu was enraged by the appearance of Roland, but Roland managed to convince him that the debt owed could be worked off rather than ended with the death of the crew of Reaver Madness Tour Bus. Wu told him to kill Chang, the son of the On Leong’s leader, and to make it public and messy.

Upon reaching Gonghe, the crew went their separate ways in preparation of the job, which was to take place the next night. Skippy was approached by a famous Alliance pilot named Fialja, who wanted to buy the ship. She expressed disapproval of much of the ship, and intimidated Skippy. Meanwhile, Julian and Vayne went to buy some things, and ended up running into a crazy man pushing a gravcart. For some reason, he was invited to join the crew.

During this time, Harry and the rest of Reaver Madness arrived at the Emperor Club, the strip club that was where Chang would be assassinated. Harry made friends with a stripper named Candy, as well as the owner of the place, a guy named Robert. Harry managed to secure VIP passes for the band as well as 2 roadies, Roland and Julian, as well as to have the band’s performance filmed.

When everyone got back to the ship, Fialja announced that she was going to buy the ship, and made an offer to Skippy. Skippy protested that it was too low, but was chloroformed by Julian. While he was out, a list of stuff to be bought for the ship was made, and Vayne and the new mechanic were sent out to collect it. When Skippy came to, he managed to get a bit higher payment for the ship, but still not as much as he would have liked. He left the ship, leaving Fialja to be both captain and owner.

Fialja took it upon herself to inspect her new ship, while Vayne, Andi, and the new mechanic began turning a Lovebot that had been purchased from a black market electronics dealer into a robotic nurse. Meanwhile, Roland headed to the Emperor Club to investigate the security level as well as the layout of the place.

Julian, now going by Charles, decided to go find Skippy and kill him in order to gain the favor of Wu. Wu seemed uninterested, but Julian still made some calls. He ultimately found out, after a day of searching, that Skippy had left the planet, presumably on The Phoenix.

Roland came up with the idea to take apart a derringer and to hide the pieces of it in the speakers in order to sneak it into the club. He also managed to hide a couple homemade smoke bombs in the bass drum. This plan worked without a hitch, and a disguised Roland and Reaver Madness entered the Emperor Club at 6:30 in order to set up their equipment.

Roland managed to retrieve the smuggled-in equipment just as planned, and Reaver Madness played one hell of a show on the second floor of the Emperor Club. Harry did his best to attract as much attention as possible, buying drinks for everyone, including a famous motorcycle racer named Michael, and a porn star named Logan. He extended an invitation for Chang to join him on stage, and when he did, Roland shot him in the eye, also throwing a smoke bomb at a group of Chang’s guards to further the chaos. He made his escape, while the guards attempted to search for the shooter.

Believing that Reaver Madness was somehow involved, one of the guards drew a submachine gun and prepared to fire at the band, but his gun jammed. He was still able to draw his sword though. Harry managed to escape the stage with Candy and another couple strippers, but Marty fell to a guard’s sword, while Ringo and Lenin were riddled with bullets.

Chang’s guards wanted to keep all of the people in the club, but the owner decided he wanted to get out, so he headed to the area of the club where the strippers gave lapdances and down a hidden stairway, followed by Roland and most of the crowd. The guards began firing on the crowd, but Harry took much of the fire, seemingly dying in the process. In the end, 38 people died from a combination of the guards firing wildly into the crowds and the trampling that took place on the stairs, with many more injured. Roland headed back to the ship after making sure that he wasn’t followed.


A tragic display of chaos erupted only minutes ago at the well known gentleman’s club, the Emperor Club. On the scene is Eva Johnson with more details. Eva?

John, what happened here tonight was a needless act of violence. Details are still somewhat muddled and contradicting, but we are able to confirm that Chang Chen has been killed by an unknown suspect. Reports indicate that he was throwing a party at the Emperor to celebrate the premiere of his latest film, Monsters and Other Foolish Things, but things turned ugly when a long haired man pulled a pistol and fired at Chang. Witnesses say that Chang was on stage with a band at the time of the shooting. Reports indicate that the man who shot Chang was not the only one with the gun; there were apparently several others that actually fired upon the crowd, including the band Chang was with. It’s believed that there are up to 50 casualties, with several more injured. We are doing our best to compile a list of dead, stay tuned to keep informed.

We’re back with more details on the tragic violence that took place at the Emperor Club tonight. Federal marshals have arrived, cleared the building, and have retrieved the bodies of the deceased. We will now announce the list of the dead:

Chang Chen, director
Michael Lyons, professional hoverbike racer
Joseph Perkins, bartender
Noah White, actor
Alysin Adkins, adult film star
Ringo Starr, musician
Chow Ta, director
Rusty Taylor, musician
Logan Echolls, adult film star
Olivia Lee, companion
William van Agthoven, actor
Kimberly Phelps, exotic dancer
Claire Rivera, actress
Damon Rhodes, professional basketball player
Leo Harris, musician
Robyn Kubota, exotic dancer
Tomas Bass, DJ
Tony Lambert, director
Cassie Parks, actress
Justin Foster, bartender
Annabelle Cruz, companion
Tami Fisher, exotic dancer
Laura Robbins, bartender
Marcos Beck, talk show host
Harry Rowe, actor
Constance Silva, actress
Carole Cobb, director
Angelina Caldwell, journalist
Katherine Alvarado, exotic dancer
Marcel Underwood, adult film star
Jimmy Moreno, professional gambler
Naomi Page, actress
Jack Thomas, millionaire
Maurice Sims, musician
Diane Dawson, camerawoman
Leona Burke, film agent
Myra Ming, adult film star
Angel Graves, musician

We also have reports of a man who introduced himself as Harry Georgia-Xio bravely diving in front of hail of bullets, potentially saving dozens of lives. For unknown reasons, his body has not been recovered yet.

It is unknown why such senseless violence occurred tonight, but several rumors are flying around. Please remember that none of these have been confirmed, but the shootings have been linked to a Tong assassination or possibly a terrorist attack. It is more likely, however, simply a deranged group of fans who decided that murdering their favourite director was a good way to show their love.

We’ll have more on that story tonight, as well as new information that has come to light about the David Jones bombing case.

Session VII

Roland arrived at the ship right after the news report about the incident at the Emperor Club aired. He gave the crew a more accurate report of what happened before calling Wu and informing him that the job was complete. Wu mentioned that he caught the news report, and said he would try and acquire footage of the actual kill. Meanwhile, Julian, who had received a bottle of memory pills, decided to take one before bed.

During the night, Julian remembered stabbing a bearded middle-aged man to death in a room that looked eerily similar to his laboratory. When he woke, he waited impatiently for his new Identicard to arrive, but he instead got a wave from the officials in charge of providing new Identicards explaining that he wouldn’t be able to get a new one until he recovered his memory. Fed up, he swallowed the entire bottle of pills, and promptly passed out. The rest of the crew attempted to aid him, with Roland shoving a hand down his throat to induce vomiting.

Julian vomited up the pills, but was still unconscious, so the crew left him in the med bay while they went on their business. Roland was invited to a dinner by Wu, and he accepted, saying Fialja, Andi, and Julian would be accompanying him. Vayne managed to get a man named Clay Hanson to be a passenger for 50 credits. Fialja went to hire a new pilot, finding a man named Flippy. She also spoke to Maynard Bay, and confirmed that she was willing to take his shipment to Beylix.

Fialja, upon her return to the ship, hired Flippy to be the new pilot before going to the med bay to check up on Julian. She injected him with some of her drugs, before injecting herself as well. This injection caused Julian to remember a variety of things, particularly that his real name is Jason, and that Julian Parker was the bearded man he killed.

Fialja woke up an hour later, followed shortly by Jason, only to realize that Vayne had broken into the locked med bay to make sure Fialja and Jason were alright. Fialja told him to keep her drug use a secret, and Vayne agreed.

Meanwhile, Roland purchased a suit for the dinner with Wu, and Andi tried to fuck Krosis. Krosis made himself a chastity belt to avoid this, and then later made a sturdy lock for Fialja’s room at her request.

At the proper time, Roland, Andi, Fialja, and Jason headed to Wu’s mansion, while Vayne, Krosis, and Flippy debated whether they should take over the ship or not. There was a bit of an issue at the doors of Wu’s mansion when Jason tried to bring a bottle of chloroform past security, but it was resolved quickly when Roland grabbed it out of Jason’s hands and gave it to Wu’s guard for disposal.

The dinner went by with few major events; the clip of Chang being shot in the head was shown, some of the turkey was bad (the chef responsible was taken care of), and Wu asked Roland and the others to join the Lu-Tsung tong in order to completely pay off the debt owed for Hanako’s death. Fialja suggested the alternative of Roland having to complete ten more jobs for Wu, and he accepted. The crew returned to the ship.

The next day, Maynard’s cargo was loaded up, Clay came aboard, and the crew prepared to take off.

Session VIII

On the 4th day of the trip to Beylix, Reaver Madness Tour Bus was hailed by an Alliance officer, Lieutenant Meagan Xio. She informed the crew that she would be boarding in a few minutes, and that the entire crew and passengers were expected to be in the cargo bay when she boarded. Jason and Vayne went around hiding all the illegal stuff on board, with Jason putting some cocaine and pills of speed in Flippy’s room. Jason then blew some cocaine in Flippy’s face.

Clay Hanson proved illusive, not showing up in the cargo bay. A search of the ship revealed that he was hiding under his bunk, and he begged Jason not to turn him over to the Alliance, because he was a human test subject of theirs. Jason promptly chloroformed him, tied him up, and brought him to the cargo bay.

Lieutenant Xio boarded with two others, and revealed that Clay Hanson was a fake name, that his real name was Michael Williams, and that he was wanted for armed robbery. She had him handcuffed before revealing that she was there for Skippy. The crew wasted no time in telling her that Skippy was aboard The Phoenix with Marcus. Following that, she did a full examination of the ship, finding that Flippy had all sorts of illegal drugs in his room. She arrested Flippy, despite his protests that Jason framed him.

Finally, Lieutenant Xio questioned where Harry was, since he was her cousin. She took the news that he was probably dead pretty hard, and stated that she was going to head to Gonghe immediately to investigate. She asked the crew to participate in interviews about Skippy at a later date, giving Roland her contact information before departing with her two prisoners and two guards.

The crew continued on their journey, with Jason piloting. A couple of days later, the crew came upon a cruise liner in front of them. Waves to it went unanswered, and scans revealed much less signs of life than there should have been. Jason, Vayne, Krosis, and Roland boarded via a shuttle.

On the lower deck, they came upon a badly injured man with cuts and stab wounds all over his body. He seemed to be in shock, but Jason judged that he was too far gone to be saved, so he used a pistol to put him out of his misery. The group climbed the stairs, seeking the bridge. They found another badly injured man near the bridge, and killed him as well. Accessing the Cortex terminal on the bridge revealed the last ship that came by was a model used by the alliance for prisoner transport. Roland sent a wave to Lieutenant Xio, then decided to go to the central deck to see if there were any survivors that they could possibly save.

Unfortunately, there was another man with scars and cuts at the top of the stairs with a pistol in his hand. While Vayne and Krosis ran and hid in the bridge, Jason shot him with a dart, dodging behind Roland to avoid getting shot. Roland disarmed him, but he charged at Roland and Jason. Luckily, both dodged, and they were able to cripple him and finish him off. Jason decided to use his corpse as a shield, and started running down the stairs. Two more were further down the stairs, and one threw a clatter, decapitating Jason’s shield. The crew recognized them as Reavers. Miraculously, Jason didn’t get hit at all, with one of the Reavers accidentally throwing his axe into another’s face, and with Roland shooting them in the head a couple of times. As they made their way downstairs, Vayne and Krosis joined them, claiming that the ship was going to self destruct. They successfully made it off the ship before it exploded, with Jason dropping the corpse and grabbing a Reaver combat axe. He was nearly able to pilot Reaver Madness Tour Bus away before the explosion, but some shrapnel hit the ship and caused some minor damage.

Upon reaching Beylix, the crew was paid half of the payment for the delivery, and Jason discovered that Abigail Parker was on Londinium for some reason.


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