Adventures in the 'Verse

Session I

Following the incident where Captain Beth and First Mate Erin were inflicted with Maynard’s Lay after being bitten by cows, the crew of the Jolly Roger traveled to Persephone in search of a well paying job. They touched down and all the crew members went in different directions, looking for different things. Dr. Julian acquired some rodent test subjects at a pet store, while Skippy went off on his own somewhere. Meanwhile, Roland searched the docks for a job, while Andi went to the nearest bar, the Rat’s Fist.

While in the Rat’s Fist, Andi was seduced by Lenin Johnson, a member of the mostly unknown band, Reaver Madness. The two went out to the back alley to make love, and were soon joined by Lenin’s other bandmates, Marty McPaulsen, Ringo Starr, and Harry Georges. This attracted a small crowd, who enjoyed the spectacle, and Dr. Julian decided to join in when he passed by. It was soon put to a stop by Roland, who had heard what was going on from inside the Rat’s Fist, where he had been looking for a job.

Eventually, Marty asked Roland to fly Reaver Madness to Gonghe for their next show, and he accepted. The other crew members collected a few items they needed while they were planetside, and after loading up the ship, including 4 crates from a merchant named Leonard Bay, they took off.

While en route, Dr. Julian had Andi fix a CD player he bought from an antique dealer. Andi then went to work on making Harry’s dirtbike able to be driven underwater, a task which she surprisingly completed after 7 hours of grueling work.


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