DMPC Pilot


Agi d4, Str d10, Vit d8, Ale d8, Int d6, Wil d6;
Life Points 14, Initiative d4 + d8.

Traits: Bleeder (major complication), Dead Broke (minor complication), Born Behind The Wheel (major asset)

Skills: Guns d6 / Shotguns d10, Influence d6 / Barter d10, Pilot d6 / Mid Bulk Transport d12

Flight Suit


Skippy entered flight school at a young age, having plenty of natural aptitude for piloting. He attended Redstone Pilot Academy on Osiris for three semesters before dropping out, as he was bored with all the work he had to do in it. He drifted from job to job for the next few years, sometimes getting a new job each day before eventually meeting up with Beth and Erin on Hera, where they bonded over drinks at a bar. They ended up purchasing a ship together, which would be named the Jolly Roger.

Skippy is a friendly and generous fellow, but he is often too free with his credits, leaving him dead broke most of the time. He still pilots the Jolly Roger, as its crew complete jobs to keep it in the air.

After becoming the captain, and proving to be fairly incompetent, he was kicked off the ship when Fialja purchased it. He then joined Marcus’s crew for an unknown reason.


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