Gunhand, Swordarm, Gardener


Agility d 12 Strength d 10 Vitality d 10 Alertness d 10 Intelligence d 6 Willpower d 8
Life Points 18
Initiative d 10 + d 10
Movement Walk = 0 Actions, 15 ft Hustle = 1 Action, 30 ft Run = 2 Actions, 30 ft + d12 + d6


Two Fisted, Major: Whether it’s guns or a sword I can use both or either in each hand at any time and at the same time.

Talented, Guns, Pistols, Minor: I was born, six-gun in my hand, Behind a gun, I’ll make my final stand.

Leadership, Minor: I’m not the best leader but I’m better than no leader at all.


Branded, Minor: The story goes I double crossed on a major job. A sneak and steal. The result was a bloodbath. Instead of a covert heist it was slaughter and we stole the goods as well as the lives of the entire security force. A job that was supposed to be done without a single shot ended up with us taking bullets off the guards because we’d ran out of shot. In the end there was no one else to shoot at and what was left of our party grabbed the goods and delivered them to the employer. During the meet between our guys and his someone lost their shit. Somebody shot first and the tradeoff turned into a firefight. They got some of our guys but we got all of theirs. Four people were left from our original big group. We had the goods we full payment from the employer, the equipment we scavenged off the security the employer and his men and the others in our group, as well as our ship which now belonged to the four of us. We had won the lottery even split four ways we could be rich forever. But I didn’t feel like sharing. It only took three bullets when they weren’t looking and it was all mine. Note: This is just the bare details of the most common version of the story. Most people changes some of the details or say I was the one who shot first at the heist or the meet. It’s more of an infamous legend. PS. This story is mostly not true. But asking me about it isn’t healthy for you.

Dark Secret, Major: Too long to be included here. It’s written in the wiki

Credo, Major: A deal’s a deal: I will always uphold my end of any deal or agreement that I get paid for, no matter what. If my end is found to be impossible or I am unable/incapable of doing the job I will return the money in full.

Allergy, Major: Deathly allergic to bullshit. I usually break out in a rash of gunfire. But actually, shellfish will make me terribly ill. I always carry the emergency medication on me just in case I eat some accidentally.

Things don’t go smooth, Major: What can I say? Shit happens.


Athletics d 6
Covert d 6
Discipline d 6
Guns d6
-Pistols d 12 d 8
Influence d 6
Melee Weapons d 6
-Swords d12 d4
Perception d 6
Pilot d2


A deadly serious man, Roland is very skilled with the weapons he wears. He is recognized throughout the verse for the “incident” (The basic details are covered under Branded complication) that marked him as a traitor. He never talks about the event but when questioned if betraying on his crew for money was worth it he’ll rest his hands on his guns and glare. Both as an answer,since they are of high quality and obviously expensive and as a threat. Roland wears both guns and both swords and two combat knifes on his person at all times. He feels naked without them but will take them off as local laws require.In those times he may just keep the derringer in a hidden holster on his person. He’s extremely unlucky which seems to be the source of most of his problems and sometimes answers “It was just bad luck” when questioned about the event. He has strong code of honor though and will always do a job once paid, no matter what. He was working on the Core planets during the time of the event but the backlash has forced him to seek work out on the Rim. He considers himself the best at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice. He respects skilled people no matter their skill but he cannot abide useless people.


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