Marty McPaulsen

Reaver Madness member


Agi d8, Str d8, Vit d8, Ale d6, Int d6, Wil d6;
Life Points 14, Initiative d6 + d8.

Traits: Amorous (minor complication)

Skills: Athletics d6 / Weightlifting d8, Discipline d6, Influence d6 / Persuade d8, Perception d6, Perform d6 / Guitar d8 / Keyboard d10, Planetary Vehicles d6

Equipment: Flashy clothes and shutter shades. 50 pairs of shutter shades, a keyboard, and 1 guitar in luggage.


Marty is a member of Reaver Madness, and is one of the more grounded members of the band. He’s still kind of douchey, but he’s only drunk or high off his ass half the time. He still loves sex just as much of his bandmates though.

Marty McPaulsen

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