Harlon “Harry” Georgia-Xio

Reaver Madness frontman


Agility d10, Strength d4,Vitality d6, Alertness d10, Intelligence d6, Willpower d4

Life Points 10 Initiative d10 + d10

Moneyed Individual *major (Trust fund kid.) – 4
Steady Calm *major (Constant state of hysteria) – 4
Talented *major (Went to a leading core planet flight school.) – 4
Born Behind The Wheel -Terrestrial *minor ( Street racer) -2
Born Behind The Wheel – Air/Space *minor (Flight school prodigy) -2

Amorous *minor (Trysexual Partyboy) -2
Over Confident *minor (Douche bag) -2
Memorable *minor (obnoxious ass hole) -2
Hooked *major (Stimulants, Parties hard) -4
Easy Mark *major (“Really dude?”) -4


“Hello my name is Dirty Harry, I’m fucking legendary, My penis is very very big” – lyric from “underage girls love me” By Reaver Madness

The man, the myth, the legend everyone was too drunk to remember. The front man for the band “Reaver Madness”, Harry is a neon-clad shutter shade wearing adrenaline addicted train wreck. Born to a well off Corporate family on Osiris, Harry was destined for success, but a certain restlessness lives with him. Constantly craving thrills Harry’s family thought the could contain him with the best flight school in the verse Redstone Flight Academy on Osiris. Despite his obnoxious constant state of bewilderment and downright unprofessional behaviour, Harry graduated R.F.A with excellent grades in part due to his family’s generous contributions to the school and in part because due to a savant like ability to control vehicles. Be it space transports, air-planes, cars, off-road vehicles or his love for both dirtbikes and submergence vehicles. Despite his top of the line training and raw talent Harry found him self forming a band with some of his associates from less than desirable hangouts. They named it “Reaver Madness” after a excellent independently shot blockbuster film that swept the verse by storm. “Reaver Madness” front manned by Harry is a drug fuelled orgy of the worst music known to mankind. Despite its appalling poorly written and obscene lyrics and repetitive, simple and uncreative instrumentals “Reaver Madness” has moderate sized loyal fan base consisting of drunk, drug addled morons not clever enough to realize they could write better music.

Harry was last seen being shot by tong members in the Emperor Club.

Harlon “Harry” Georgia-Xio

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