Dead Tong Enforcer


Agi d8, Str d8, Vit d8, Ale d6, Int d10, Wil d10;
Life Points 18; Initiative d8 + d6.

Traits: Friends in Low Places (Minor Asset), Leadership (Major Asset)

Skills: Covert d6 / Streetwise d12 / Stealth d10, Discipline d6 / Interrogation d12 / Mental Resistance d10, Guns d6, Influence d6 / Negotiation d10 / Intimidation d10, Knowledge d6, Melee Weapon Combat d6 / Swords d10 / Knives d10, Perception d6 / Black-Market Trends d10, Unarmed Combat d6 / Tai Chi d12.

Plate Vest
Extensible Sword
Dart Pistol
Sawed Off Shotgun


Hanako is owed quite a debt by Lenin Johnson, and he intends to collect on this debt by kidnapping the members of Reaver Madness and ransoming them to their families. As a bonus, he also gets to torture Lenin, who he hates quite a bit.

Was killed via headshot by Roland in Someplace Else on Gonghe.


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