Adventures in the 'Verse

Session VIII

On the 4th day of the trip to Beylix, Reaver Madness Tour Bus was hailed by an Alliance officer, Lieutenant Meagan Xio. She informed the crew that she would be boarding in a few minutes, and that the entire crew and passengers were expected to be in the cargo bay when she boarded. Jason and Vayne went around hiding all the illegal stuff on board, with Jason putting some cocaine and pills of speed in Flippy’s room. Jason then blew some cocaine in Flippy’s face.

Clay Hanson proved illusive, not showing up in the cargo bay. A search of the ship revealed that he was hiding under his bunk, and he begged Jason not to turn him over to the Alliance, because he was a human test subject of theirs. Jason promptly chloroformed him, tied him up, and brought him to the cargo bay.

Lieutenant Xio boarded with two others, and revealed that Clay Hanson was a fake name, that his real name was Michael Williams, and that he was wanted for armed robbery. She had him handcuffed before revealing that she was there for Skippy. The crew wasted no time in telling her that Skippy was aboard The Phoenix with Marcus. Following that, she did a full examination of the ship, finding that Flippy had all sorts of illegal drugs in his room. She arrested Flippy, despite his protests that Jason framed him.

Finally, Lieutenant Xio questioned where Harry was, since he was her cousin. She took the news that he was probably dead pretty hard, and stated that she was going to head to Gonghe immediately to investigate. She asked the crew to participate in interviews about Skippy at a later date, giving Roland her contact information before departing with her two prisoners and two guards.

The crew continued on their journey, with Jason piloting. A couple of days later, the crew came upon a cruise liner in front of them. Waves to it went unanswered, and scans revealed much less signs of life than there should have been. Jason, Vayne, Krosis, and Roland boarded via a shuttle.

On the lower deck, they came upon a badly injured man with cuts and stab wounds all over his body. He seemed to be in shock, but Jason judged that he was too far gone to be saved, so he used a pistol to put him out of his misery. The group climbed the stairs, seeking the bridge. They found another badly injured man near the bridge, and killed him as well. Accessing the Cortex terminal on the bridge revealed the last ship that came by was a model used by the alliance for prisoner transport. Roland sent a wave to Lieutenant Xio, then decided to go to the central deck to see if there were any survivors that they could possibly save.

Unfortunately, there was another man with scars and cuts at the top of the stairs with a pistol in his hand. While Vayne and Krosis ran and hid in the bridge, Jason shot him with a dart, dodging behind Roland to avoid getting shot. Roland disarmed him, but he charged at Roland and Jason. Luckily, both dodged, and they were able to cripple him and finish him off. Jason decided to use his corpse as a shield, and started running down the stairs. Two more were further down the stairs, and one threw a clatter, decapitating Jason’s shield. The crew recognized them as Reavers. Miraculously, Jason didn’t get hit at all, with one of the Reavers accidentally throwing his axe into another’s face, and with Roland shooting them in the head a couple of times. As they made their way downstairs, Vayne and Krosis joined them, claiming that the ship was going to self destruct. They successfully made it off the ship before it exploded, with Jason dropping the corpse and grabbing a Reaver combat axe. He was nearly able to pilot Reaver Madness Tour Bus away before the explosion, but some shrapnel hit the ship and caused some minor damage.

Upon reaching Beylix, the crew was paid half of the payment for the delivery, and Jason discovered that Abigail Parker was on Londinium for some reason.



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