Adventures in the 'Verse

Session VII

Roland arrived at the ship right after the news report about the incident at the Emperor Club aired. He gave the crew a more accurate report of what happened before calling Wu and informing him that the job was complete. Wu mentioned that he caught the news report, and said he would try and acquire footage of the actual kill. Meanwhile, Julian, who had received a bottle of memory pills, decided to take one before bed.

During the night, Julian remembered stabbing a bearded middle-aged man to death in a room that looked eerily similar to his laboratory. When he woke, he waited impatiently for his new Identicard to arrive, but he instead got a wave from the officials in charge of providing new Identicards explaining that he wouldn’t be able to get a new one until he recovered his memory. Fed up, he swallowed the entire bottle of pills, and promptly passed out. The rest of the crew attempted to aid him, with Roland shoving a hand down his throat to induce vomiting.

Julian vomited up the pills, but was still unconscious, so the crew left him in the med bay while they went on their business. Roland was invited to a dinner by Wu, and he accepted, saying Fialja, Andi, and Julian would be accompanying him. Vayne managed to get a man named Clay Hanson to be a passenger for 50 credits. Fialja went to hire a new pilot, finding a man named Flippy. She also spoke to Maynard Bay, and confirmed that she was willing to take his shipment to Beylix.

Fialja, upon her return to the ship, hired Flippy to be the new pilot before going to the med bay to check up on Julian. She injected him with some of her drugs, before injecting herself as well. This injection caused Julian to remember a variety of things, particularly that his real name is Jason, and that Julian Parker was the bearded man he killed.

Fialja woke up an hour later, followed shortly by Jason, only to realize that Vayne had broken into the locked med bay to make sure Fialja and Jason were alright. Fialja told him to keep her drug use a secret, and Vayne agreed.

Meanwhile, Roland purchased a suit for the dinner with Wu, and Andi tried to fuck Krosis. Krosis made himself a chastity belt to avoid this, and then later made a sturdy lock for Fialja’s room at her request.

At the proper time, Roland, Andi, Fialja, and Jason headed to Wu’s mansion, while Vayne, Krosis, and Flippy debated whether they should take over the ship or not. There was a bit of an issue at the doors of Wu’s mansion when Jason tried to bring a bottle of chloroform past security, but it was resolved quickly when Roland grabbed it out of Jason’s hands and gave it to Wu’s guard for disposal.

The dinner went by with few major events; the clip of Chang being shot in the head was shown, some of the turkey was bad (the chef responsible was taken care of), and Wu asked Roland and the others to join the Lu-Tsung tong in order to completely pay off the debt owed for Hanako’s death. Fialja suggested the alternative of Roland having to complete ten more jobs for Wu, and he accepted. The crew returned to the ship.

The next day, Maynard’s cargo was loaded up, Clay came aboard, and the crew prepared to take off.



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