Adventures in the 'Verse

Session V & VI

Rather than risk death by fighting the Lu Tsung tong head on, Roland decided to try to get in contact with the leader. After sending a few waves, he eventually got the contact information of Wu, the head of the Gonge branch of the Lu Tsung. Wu was enraged by the appearance of Roland, but Roland managed to convince him that the debt owed could be worked off rather than ended with the death of the crew of Reaver Madness Tour Bus. Wu told him to kill Chang, the son of the On Leong’s leader, and to make it public and messy.

Upon reaching Gonghe, the crew went their separate ways in preparation of the job, which was to take place the next night. Skippy was approached by a famous Alliance pilot named Fialja, who wanted to buy the ship. She expressed disapproval of much of the ship, and intimidated Skippy. Meanwhile, Julian and Vayne went to buy some things, and ended up running into a crazy man pushing a gravcart. For some reason, he was invited to join the crew.

During this time, Harry and the rest of Reaver Madness arrived at the Emperor Club, the strip club that was where Chang would be assassinated. Harry made friends with a stripper named Candy, as well as the owner of the place, a guy named Robert. Harry managed to secure VIP passes for the band as well as 2 roadies, Roland and Julian, as well as to have the band’s performance filmed.

When everyone got back to the ship, Fialja announced that she was going to buy the ship, and made an offer to Skippy. Skippy protested that it was too low, but was chloroformed by Julian. While he was out, a list of stuff to be bought for the ship was made, and Vayne and the new mechanic were sent out to collect it. When Skippy came to, he managed to get a bit higher payment for the ship, but still not as much as he would have liked. He left the ship, leaving Fialja to be both captain and owner.

Fialja took it upon herself to inspect her new ship, while Vayne, Andi, and the new mechanic began turning a Lovebot that had been purchased from a black market electronics dealer into a robotic nurse. Meanwhile, Roland headed to the Emperor Club to investigate the security level as well as the layout of the place.

Julian, now going by Charles, decided to go find Skippy and kill him in order to gain the favor of Wu. Wu seemed uninterested, but Julian still made some calls. He ultimately found out, after a day of searching, that Skippy had left the planet, presumably on The Phoenix.

Roland came up with the idea to take apart a derringer and to hide the pieces of it in the speakers in order to sneak it into the club. He also managed to hide a couple homemade smoke bombs in the bass drum. This plan worked without a hitch, and a disguised Roland and Reaver Madness entered the Emperor Club at 6:30 in order to set up their equipment.

Roland managed to retrieve the smuggled-in equipment just as planned, and Reaver Madness played one hell of a show on the second floor of the Emperor Club. Harry did his best to attract as much attention as possible, buying drinks for everyone, including a famous motorcycle racer named Michael, and a porn star named Logan. He extended an invitation for Chang to join him on stage, and when he did, Roland shot him in the eye, also throwing a smoke bomb at a group of Chang’s guards to further the chaos. He made his escape, while the guards attempted to search for the shooter.

Believing that Reaver Madness was somehow involved, one of the guards drew a submachine gun and prepared to fire at the band, but his gun jammed. He was still able to draw his sword though. Harry managed to escape the stage with Candy and another couple strippers, but Marty fell to a guard’s sword, while Ringo and Lenin were riddled with bullets.

Chang’s guards wanted to keep all of the people in the club, but the owner decided he wanted to get out, so he headed to the area of the club where the strippers gave lapdances and down a hidden stairway, followed by Roland and most of the crowd. The guards began firing on the crowd, but Harry took much of the fire, seemingly dying in the process. In the end, 38 people died from a combination of the guards firing wildly into the crowds and the trampling that took place on the stairs, with many more injured. Roland headed back to the ship after making sure that he wasn’t followed.



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