Adventures in the 'Verse

Session IV

On the uninhabited moon, the crew discussed what the best course of action would be. They agreed that they didn’t want to be late delivering their cargo, so they decided to leave the majority of the passengers on the moon for the Alliance to pick up later. In the meantime, Vayne, one of the crew members of the Black Star, asked to join the crew of Reaver Madness Tour Bus, and was hired by Skippy.

Using a lottery system, the crew was able to select 30 passengers to accompany them to Santo, where they would drop them off to the Alliance. The ones who were forced to stay on the moon until someone else came were not happy, but the crew ensured they had at least some water and food.

The trip to Santo went by with no issues, though Vayne discovered that the ship that had been jamming the Cortex signal had likely gone to the moon, and soon the crew had dropped off the passengers. The Alliance official they spoke to told Roland that he would be in contact as soon as a full investigation was completed, and that there may be payment involved.

Likewise, the trip to Bellerophon went smoothly. Roland, Skippy, and Andi unloaded the cargo into David Jone’s garage at the insistence of his butler, while the others took a shuttle to the main shopping hub. Vayne, and later Julian, discovered that there was someone looking to have a group of 6 people killed, and that those 6 people were the members of Reaver Madness, as well as Skippy and Andi. Roland was meant to be brought in alive. After buying a bunch of stuff and returning to the ship, there was a large explosion from the direction of David Jones’ mansion. Vayne and Julian were the only two that heard it, but they ran to tell Skippy to take off immediately because there were bounty hunters looking for them. Skippy did so, and Julian told Roland the same story.

They started making plans for their meeting with the bounty hunters, since Julian had pretended to accept the job. These plans involve anaesthetic tanks being blown up via transmitter.



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