Adventures in the 'Verse

Session III

After robbing Someplace Else, the group returned to their ship, before Roland and Ringo returned to Fuk Yu to retrieve Ringo’s bike. Meanwhile, Larry sent a wave to the ship, where it was received by Harry. Larry told them that another ship had made a better offer for the job on Angel, and that Roland should send him a wave when he got back.

Meanwhile, Julian Parker fixed up Lenin’s wounds, and made sure that Stevie wasn’t going anywhere. Andi purchased some parts to fix up the ship, and began working. Skippy also took Erin and Beth to a clinic where they would stay until they recovered from their illnesses. When Roland got back to the ship, he, Julian, Skippy, and Harry sent a wave to Larry in an attempt to negotiate the payment for the job on Angel. After some discussion, the crew came to the conclusion that Marcus was the other ship interested in doing the job, and that it was a better idea to set Marcus up to get arrested by the Alliance. They told Larry that they weren’t interested in doing the job anymore, and hung up.

It was then decided that Harry should be the one to report their knowledge of Marcus going to commit the crime, and he went to a public Cortex terminal to send the Alliance a message. He sent a wave to the Gonghe Alliance informing them that Marcus Adams of the Phoenix was intent on robbing the Blue Sun Pharmaceutical factory on Angel, and suggested that they catch him in the act. He also told them that Erin and Beth were in a clinic in Suhduong, if that interested them. Upon returning to the ship, he paid Skippy a large amount of credits to change the name of the ship to Reaver Madness Tour Bus.

Before going to bed, Roland locked the ship so that no Lu-Tsung members would be getting in. At midnight however, Julian met his contact outside, and received a chest with 1250 platinum pieces in it. Marty and Ringo helped Julian load the 20 locked crates into the cargo bay, and his contact told him that the crates were to be delivered within 8 days, and that they were not to be opened. Julian demanded that he be paid the extra 500 credits he was promised, but his contact told him that he would get it when the job was finished. Julian wisely decided not to start a fight, and locked up the ship before heading to bed.

In the morning, Roland inquired as to why there were 20 crates in the cargo bay, and Julian told him. Despite Stevie offering Reaver Madness a gig at Fuk Yu, the crew and band decided to take off for Bellerophon immediately, not even giving Stevie the opportunity to get off. As they started on their journey, Harry finally decided to sleep for 3 days.

While Andi fixed up the ship, Skippy flew the ship, and Reaver Madness drank themselves into oblivion, Roland did some online shopping and Julian did some experimentation on the darts he had taken from Hanako. Upon injecting Stevie with one of them, he died of “mysterious causes”. Julian threw him out the airlock.

At some point, Roland and Julian became aware that Skippy had filed papers to change the name of the ship, so they took him to a shuttle to interrogate him. He revealed that most of the money went to pay off debts he owed, and Roland intimidated him into giving up his next share of the crew’s pay. Unfortunately, during the interrogation, the ship ran into a field of debris, which caused some minor damage to the ship. They quickly released Skippy to pilot them out of the debris, which he did. Roland and Julian then went to bed.

Not much happened until day 4 of the trip, except for when the man living at the address on Bellerophon was contacted, and seemed kind of clueless about the whole shipment. Harry woke up, and after a scan of nearby space, he discovered an uninhabited moon that was undergoing terraforming. Shortly thereafter, they saw an explosion in the distance, and moved in to investigate. They discovered that the Cortex was being jammed, but they were able to get a staticky wave from the captain of the Black Star, a cruise liner that had experienced an explosion that was forcing them to evacuate the ship. The captain said there would be a reward for every survivor the crew saved, and Harry took the ship in to dock with the liner. Upon opening the bay doors, they discovered 67 people ready to board their ship.

While they loaded the survivors into the ship, Andi did her best to jury rig the life support system to accommodate so many people. Roland sent some people to the shuttles to use their life support instead. Julian wanted to go rescue more people on board the Black Star, but everyone else talked him into just leaving. They pulled away just in time, as the liner exploded.

Harry plotted a course to the moon, a 4 hour journey, then left Skippy in charge of the ship while he and the other members of Reaver Madness played a show for the survivors. Unfortunately, their wild antics practically caused a riot, with 9 people dying, mostly from being trampled. Julian took them all to the laboratory, where he rifled through their pockets. Roland and Julian managed to stop the Reaver Madness concert, and calmed down the crowd, and they reached the moon without further incident. The atmosphere was rough, due to the terraforming equipment, but Harry managed to land safely, after which the crew let all the survivors out.



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