Adventures in the 'Verse

Session II

Andi realized she had done something wrong when she was fixing up the dirtbike, so she went to work on that. Meanwhile, Julian decided to show off his culinary prowess by cooking up some meatloaf to impress Skippy and the rest of the crew. He did an adequate job, and got permission to open a small bar on the ship. Lenin confronted him about chloroforming him on Persephone, but did not attack him.

Later, Marty got a wave from his old friend Stevie Hawk, who told them that a record producer wanted to sign them to a label. They bought a round of shots to celebrate. The crew landed at the Suhduong docks, and each left the ship, with Reaver Madness and Julian going to Fuk Yu to meet with Stevie, and Roland and Skippy going to unload the cargo that Leonard gave them.

The meeting at Fuk Yu went badly, with a tong enforcer named Hanako kidnapping the band. When they left, Julian abducted Stevie and brought him back to the ship to interrogate. Meanwhile, Roland and Skippy looked for work around the docks, being directed to a guy named Larry who hung out at The Pourhouse after inquiring at a warehouse. They headed there.

Meanwhile, Julian left Stevie in the capable hands of Andi, who went to work mentally torturing him. Julian went to the Pourhouse, but when he saw Roland and Skippy there, he went to another bar, where he was turned away. He finally ended up at a bar called Kidd’s Exchange, where he managed to secure a job from a shady fellow.

Andi, who had gotten the location of Reaver Madness from Stevie, headed to Someplace Else. She scoped out the bar, and ended up taking the bartender to the bathroom and using her talents to find out that there was a hidden panel that lead to the location of Reaver Madness. She returned to the ship.

Roland and Skippy were asked to rob a pharmaceutical factory on Angel, but their price was a bit too high for Larry to immediately accept, and he told them that he would send them a wave after thinking it over. They headed back to the ship, where they encountered a tied up Stevie. He lied to them, but Roland saw through his lies and demanded the truth. He was told to go to Someplace Else. He and Skippy equipped themselves and prepared to leave, running into Andi on the way. She told them about the hidden panel, and went with them.

At Someplace Else, after Lenin had been beaten, and ransom photos had been taken, Reaver Madness annoyed Hanako and his goons by being obnoxiously and singing some of their songs. Harry even provoked one of the guards into striking him, and then leaving the room in anger.

Roland, Skippy, and Andi arrived, and came up with a plan. Roland opened the hidden panel while Skippy and Andi stood guard. He shot the one remaining guard in the head, which made Hanako and 2 of his goons come running. Andi faked being drunk and tipped off Roland about how many of them there were, so Roland and Skippy were able to kill them easily. While Andi freed the band, Skippy and Roland looted the bar quickly before the feds showed up.



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